Within the counselling units, the colleagues work confidentially and absolutely independently.

What is cabin support anyway?
Cabin support means support in the form of talks by professionally trained colleagues. It is intended to offer help to colleagues in life situations that are perceived as extraordinary, in order to return to healthy stability.

Personal Data Protection
The staff of the counselling centres are obliged by law to treat your concerns as strictly confidential. This applies not only to the content of the counselling, but also to the fact that you contacted us in the first place. Only with your written consent, the so-called release from the duty of confidentiality, can we give information about the counselling to persons explicitly named by you at your request.
(According to § 203 para. 1 sentence 2 and 6, para. 5, para. 6 StGB)

Our systems cannot offer 24-hour availability. In acute emergency situations, call the police on 110 or the emergency services on 112.

Cabin Support