The Cabin Health Management of the German Lufthansa AG

Welcome to the Cabin Health Management. We are here for you!

Corporate health management aims to exert a positive influence on the health of employees, support healthy working, facilitate a return to work after long-term illnesses, and support employees struggling with addiction.

We – the cabin health management – support cabin crew staff through preventative measures to create welcoming and supportive working environments and tackle exceptional crisis situations (e.g., with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, we work closely with local health officials to provide information around infection protection). As part of our corporate health care, we support and advise employees with individually tailored opportunities to improve healthy working onboard. In the event of long periods of illness (> 42 sick days a year), we work with employees and their line managers to support an effective return to work, e.g., by helping to obtain incapacity to work certification, scheduling external medical appointments, etc. This is done in collaboration with various internal and external services, e.g., Lufthansa’s Medical Department, occupational safety, the Psychosocial Counseling Service, and committees for staff representation and local health departments.

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